Why you should think about exporting?

Exporting can increase your sales, diversify your market, provide you with higher margins and use your spare capacity, that was the message of Mr Heath Baker, Head of policy at the Export Council of Australia.

Mr Baker was addressing the March Monthly dinner of the Australian Arab Business Council (AABC) on Wednesday 14 March 2018 in the presence of AABC members and guests at the Waterview In Bicentennial, Homebush.

‘Australian businesses are recognised all over the world for their quality, reliability and can-do attitude. If you’re doing well in Australia, there’s a good chance you can do well internationally.’ Mr Baker said.

He added, ‘While it can be difficult to export, there are plenty of places you can go for help. AusIndustry can help you get your business into shape, the Export Council of Australia can help make you internationally ready, and Austrade can help you find the right buyers in-market.’

The dinner was well attended and in addition to the main topic of discussion, there were plenty of networking opportunities for members and the chance for some business members to actually promote and plug their business.

The next monthly dinner will be held on the usual second Wednesday of the month, 11 April 2018 at the same venue. Guest speaker will be Ms Sally Illingworth, Sales and Performance Executive – Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. Sally will speak on Mastering Mindset: the importance of perspective, particularly in today’s business landscape and Personal Branding: the importance of differentiating yourself and your business from the masses.

The next dinner will also hear from Ms Sue Ismiel, Founder of NAD’s Clinic who will speak about challenges she faced and the opportunities she seized to establish a very successful brand.


Photos of the last monthly dinner are available through this Link:

March 2018