Are We At War?

The topic at the Australian Arab Business Council’s dinner for June 2019 (held on Wednesday the 12th) was “Are We At War?” – presented by Mr Jack Kouzi, Executive Director of VFS Group.

In the current global economic environment, the world is watching the 2 superpowers – China and the United States of America – fight a type of cold war as they both strive to achieve economic superiority on a global scale.

We are all observing as the United States continues with their tariffs on foreign goods and exports – aimed at China and let us not forget the United States has taken China to the WTO on 23 occasions – and won.

Meanwhile, China continues its path for creating its global trade routes while keenly focusing on Technology. Ultimately, both nations are investing heavily in technological advancement, as it can be said whomever ‘wins the tech, will win this war’ for global economic superiority.

Several key questions raised post Mr Kouzi’s presentation were geared around our involvement – i.e. where does this leave Australia – both economically and politically? What are the ramifications on our economy should either nation win this war?

Mr Jack Kouzi has a background in Economics and over the last 5 years has been able to build a holistic approach to the world of trading and financial services. Throughout his career, he has held senior positions in the provision of online trading services, retail and institutional sales. VFS Group have been a valuable member of the Australian Arab Business Council since 2015. If you wish to know more about Mr Kouzi or VFS Group, please contact him on

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